In a bid to make high-quality, environmentally-friendly surfing equipment more accessible to the local community, MSTS Group has announced its partnership with Nature Surfing Products (NSP) as the official distributor for the renowned surf brand in the Maldives. The new partnership aligns with MSTS Groups’ mission to promote sustainable surfing practices and make the sport more accessible to local enthusiasts at attractive prices.

NSP Surfboards, an industry leader in the production of eco-friendly surfboards and accessories, is known for its innovative designs and dedication to sustainability. As a brand that has always been conscious of its impact on the environment, NSP’s values align seamlessly with MSTS Groups’ objectives of promoting sustainable surfing practices and fostering a strong local surfing community.

This new partnership will bring NSP’s entire range of products to the Maldives, including their innovative Wingfoil, SUP, and Elements Surfboard series, which are manufactured using sustainable materials and processes. The collaboration aims to provide local surfers with high-quality, environmentally-friendly equipment that will not only elevate their performance but also help preserve the pristine waters of the Maldives

The Maldives, a nation of over 1,000 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, is known for its picturesque landscapes and world-class surf breaks. With the support of MSTS Group, local surfers will now have access to affordable, top-quality equipment, making it easier for them to pursue their passion and develop their skills in the sport. The partnership also represents a valuable opportunity to raise awareness about sustainable surfing practices and the importance of protecting the Maldives’ delicate marine ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to partner with NSP Surfboards and bring their incredible range of eco-friendly watersports equipment, surfboards, and accessories to the Maldives,” said the Managing Director – Maseeh Imad for MSTS Maldives. “This partnership will not only support the growth of the local watersports community but also contribute to the protection of our beautiful marine environment.

As MSTS Group and NSP Surfboards join forces, surfers in the Maldives can look forward to a future where they can ride the waves on equipment that respects both their passion and the environment.

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June 2024